Thursday, July 24, 2008

Its a go cest un depart.

My gear. I have decided to build my own project recording studio. I have been wanting this for years and now I can. So with this gear Acoustic Dancer takes a leap forward.

Dell laptop Inspiron 1520

Vista & XP
Protools LE
Reason Live


A Mackie Universal Pro control mixer board
Out Board Rack.
Degidesign 003
Duende Classic SSL processor
ART Digital MPA Gold preamp
Focusrite Platinum LE
SLA-1 ART Amplifier
Furman M-8D Power Conditioner
DBX Pro compressor gate
Symetrix 528


Mackie Monitors HR624
Yorkville YSM1 - Passive Monitors


Taylor guitar
Nylon acoustic guitar.
Barracuda bass
Traynor bass amp 50 watts
Traynor stage board.
Stage monitors.
Norman 12 string acoustic.
Fender Acoustic amp.
Fender Stratocaster.
120 watt guitar amp fender twin type.