Tuesday, March 16, 2004


I once had my own Louisiana.
She was everything to me
But I valued my own freedoms.
And so she let me be.
And now I live on the edge of tomorrow.
Yesterday’s gone and today is full of sorrow.
Oh what I’d give to back up time,
to have a chance again, to make her mine.
Oh this freedoms not what I want.
As it means nothing if your not here.

You were once my Louisiana,
But I let you slip away.
And now I roam from heart to heart
Never finding what we once had.
Oh Oh Oh my sweet Louisiana
Since you have left me my days are so sad.
Oh what I’d give to back up time.
To have a chance to make you mine.
Oh this freedom is just a gilded cage.
Louisiana you hold the key
Oh sweet Louisiana
Oh wont you set me free.