Sunday, February 03, 2008

CD Review by Duncan delaMontagne

This review was posted by my friend Duncan delaMontagne.,magickandmysteries

Triskalia released their Pagan-Alt Rock CD Myth, Magick and Mysteries in 2005. They toured extensively on the strength of the disc, performing over 60 shows and quickly became favorites at summer Pagan Music Festivals such as Echoes and Wic-Can Fest (where they were featured headliners).

Myth, Magic and Mysteries is a collection of songs front- man Lokigui (Jason G. Bernard) wrote in the Pagan paradigm in a variety of musical styles and on a variety of themes. It was recorded in the studio as a live jam in order to recreate the Triskalia live show experience. The collection includes Celtic-influenced songs of friendship and love such as Pixie O. There is the anthemic Maiden, Mother Crone (a Pagan Festival camp-fire favorite, particularly with the girls). Fire Dance is a traditional folk-rock love song with a lively lilt to it. The strong rock-influenced ballad Pagan Heart allows lead singer Lokigui to stretch his rich vibrant voice and set a new standard in the bardic tradition. The exceptionally beautiful and haunting hit single Avian has a dazzling bass prelude performed by Roger. Throughout the disc Flazz's melodic violin strains stir the soul and add eerie texture to the music. Miss Elodee's soaring vocals create unique atmosphere and compliment Jason's lead vocals beautifully. Myth, Magic and Mysteries is truly a witches brew, an eclectic blend, a daring fusion of diverse musical styles and influences, and Triskalia pulls it off brilliantly.

Tragically, lead-singer and guitarist Lokigui was struck down by a car and seriously injured in his hometown of Montreal in the spring of 2006, just as the band was planning to enter the studio to commence the creative process which would culminate with recording of their second disc. A year-long convalescence and recovery by the band's co-founder, most prolific song-writer and front-man set Triskalia back on its heels. Jason continued to write music during this very dark and difficult time in his life. He began a solo project (Accoustic Dancer) and penned perhaps his finest song to date, the poignant and evocative Louisiana. Triskalia reassembled in June of 2007 and went back into rehearsal at Lokigui's Montreal occult shop ( and made a triumphant return to the stage at three-day Echoes Fest at the end of that month. A new dimension was added to the band when bassist Eric Litinas came into the fold, freeing up Roger for lead guitar. Roger took Triskalia in a new direction, one true to his own heavy metal roots when the band finally returned to the studio to record his excellent new song, The Hours, in the fall of 2007.

What the future holds for Triskalia no one can say, will they record and tour together again, or will the siren`s call of successful solo projects take them their separate ways? However, whatever the cards may hold, Myth, Magick and Mysteries will stand the test of time as a brilliant musical legacy left behind by these gifted, visionary and magickal musicians from Montreal.

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