Thursday, November 29, 2007

Triskalia At EchoesFest


Elodee on keyboard, Glen the Silver Minstral on drum, myself fronting and guitar & Roger on guitar Erik on the bass and Flazz violin

Echoes | Magical Music Festival

Straight ahead performance audio clips from upcoimg Acoustic Dancer..

Inclement Weather
Handfasting Song
Beltane Round
Baroness Caerleon
Green Man

Back Blogging

After quite a while I have returned to my recording project. I have a new laptop that can do all of the recording that I need to bring about my Acoustic Dancer life.
Here is the link to Inclement weather with Phil Beche on Piano Ryan Higgans on drums. It is at myspace.

I still need to add a bass track and master the track, but so far so good. I got to perform the song at echoes music fest bardic in June.